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Pluming Installation

Next remove the corner screws that are securing the top of the old vanity to the countertop. The countertop should then be able to be lifted off of the old vanity. After the countertop has been separated from the vanity, remove the faucet hardware if you plan on reusing the existing faucet. Make sure, however, when purchasing your new vanity countertop that it will support the faucet configuration. After the counter top and faucet have been removed from the work area, unscrew the back and/or side screws that hold the vanity to the wall(s). Then remove the vanity from the bathroom.


Residential remodeling

For over years Cobble Hill Plumbing & Heating have been remodeling Bathrooms and Kitchens making sure our customers are living comfortably. We do the entire complete job including painting, sheet rock, electrical, flooring, tile and cabinetry. Look no further for Remodeling Services in Cobble Hill Plumbing & Heating. With our own design team, plumbers and carpenters we offer you one stop shopping. There is no need to use a separate contractor for each job.
As a general contractor, we handle all the details - so you won't have to. Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, from floor to ceiling by Richmond's best Remodeling Contractor.
We assign your project to a designer. That person will call you within a few days to go over any ideas, changes or questions you may have. We will start the process of pricing and design. In approximately two weeks we will call to schedule a time for you to come in to our showroom to go over the project.